I went to a reading with Jill, and found it to be a profound and touching experience. Through Jill I spoke to several people that had passed, people that were important to me and that I felt I had unfinished business with. Those that communicated with me provided me with answers to puzzles, apologies for perceived hurts, touching stories and memories, and resolution to unresolved grief. I left feeling touched, relieved, and with a deeper understanding of things that were important to me. Although the reading was several months ago, I have found it still serves me often in my daily life, with needed answers to questions I had, and the advice I was given thorough Jill. I also took my sister and a friend to Jill for readings, and they both found the experience to be one that gave them needed insights and they were able to speak to those they had a need to speak to. It meant the world to all three of us.