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LIfe Transformations is a site to help individuals make decisions, consider new choices and find hope by channneling those who have passed.

Begin your spiritual journey with the guidance of a para-sensitive professional who can help you find hope and discover meaning in your life!


Counseling Services

Are you having trouble moving forward on a particular issue?

Are you seeking guidance and clarity?

Do you need communication from a loved one who has passed on?

How Life Transformations Can Help You

Life Transformations provides guidance in all matters including love, relationships and career paths. Communicating with the other side can provide an opportunity to:

  • process grief and loss, through grief counseling
  • explore unresolved issues
  • speak with departed loved ones
  • seek guidance and clarity
  • promote healing and awareness
  • lift the veil between worlds
  • gain insight into ancestral patterns

Or, if you simply have a question for someone that has passed on, Life Transformations can help bring closure.

Make the choice to transform your life

Jill offers intensive, transformative readings through appointments in person or over the phone at $160.00 for 1 hour. Jill is available to provide follow-up sessions to explore family dynamics and patterns. So, if you are ready to move forward, schedule a session with Jill Welt – Spiritual Guide and Counselor .

Feel free to give us a call during office hours, or send us a message using our contact form. We aim to respond to all queries from our site within 24 hours.

In appreciation for referrals, for every three clients referred you will receive a 50% discount; for five clients referred, you will receive a free reading.


Certified Facilitator of Dr. Sue Morter's Energy Codes

Experience energy medicine, healing techniques, and conscious embodiment practices to cultivate a thriving experience of life.

Jill teaches clients to explore the far reaches of their own awareness through practices of self-healing, meditation, and inner reflection through integrative breath work. The objective is to access higher frequency energy patterns in our own systems in order to define one’s life purpose and a path with grace.

About Jill Welt

Jill Welt – Spiritual Guide and Intuitive Counselor

Jill believes that help is all around us, as long as we are open to it. We are all connected in spirit – especially to those that have passed on. Jill’s para-sensitive abilities, through the use of psychometry and intuition, serve as a conduit to communicate with family and friends from beyond. She finds that channeling the departed can bring both clarity and resolution to her client’s quest for answers. Jill incorporates psychometry, where a physical item belonging to a loved one can incite a powerful response, enhancing connections.

Jill Welt – Professional Background

Jill has been helping people in transition and crisis for decades. Her success in providing professional guidance rests on her extensive educational background, fortified through years of experience as a trainer and counselor serving individuals, families and children. Her unusual gift of being able to connect to others, including the departed, is why Jill has chosen to assist those seeking connection. This can lead them to a clearer, and more powerful, life path. In addition to being a student of intuitive and holistic practices, Jill holds degrees in Psychology, Marriage & Family Therapy, Education Art and Culinary Arts. She is also trained and certified to facilitate and teach Dr. Sue Morter’s Energy Codes.

Jill has received inspiration regarding her own life path from The Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hahn, Caroline Myss, Esther Hicks and Byron Katie. Her mindfulness practice has contributed to her desire to assist others in discovering their own spiritual path to awakening.

“Knowing that we transcend this body, and the spirit is eternal can be not only uplifting but life altering.”
Jill Welt

Jill’s amazing accuracy and intuition leaves one completely inspired and uplifted as well as consoled.

You will feel bathed in her compassion and nurturance.

Her sessions are a real connection with the beloved that is truly a gift.



I went to a reading with Jill, and found it to be a profound and touching experience. Through Jill I spoke to several people that had passed, people that were important to me and that I felt I had unfinished business with. Those that communicated with me provided me with answers to puzzles, apologies for perceived hurts, touching stories and memories, and resolution to unresolved grief. I left feeling touched, relieved, and with a deeper understanding of things that were important to me. Although the reading was several months ago, I have found it still serves me often in my daily life, with needed answers to questions I had, and the advice I was given thorough Jill. I also took my sister and a friend to Jill for readings, and they both found the experience to be one that gave them needed insights and they were able to speak to those they had a need to speak to. It meant the world to all three of us. VW

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